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"The only memecoin with no bullshit"
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99% of the entire circle supply were sent to the liquidity pool. There is no burning fees, no ugly presale, no marketing and transaction tax, no rewards scams, no 1 wallet, no ownerships, no stupid airdrops, fake web3 or nft gaming projects. Its that simple! The remaining 1% of the supply is being used as tokens for future centrailzed exchange listings, bridges, liquidity pools and marketing.
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  • Contract


  • Launch date

    8 July 2023

  • Starting price


  • Circulating supply


  • Total circulating supply


  • Liquidity pool

    99% / 415,800,000,000,000

  • Marketing & Exchanges

    1% / 4,200,000,000,000

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  • Phase 1: Become the $EMOJI meme hype

    $Emoji launch at pinksale, listing on coinmarketcap/coingecko/coinpaprika, 1000+ holders, trending on Twitter and Telegram with our memetic power, 99% in the liquidity pool at pancakewswap

  • Phase 2: Spam $EMOJI and love and HODL

    $EMOJI hodl strategy to a higher price, community partnerships, DEX & CEX listings

  • Phase 3: Takeover for $EMOJI

    $EMOJI listings on 30 crypto exchanges, 10,000+ holders, market cap of 100$million

  • Phase 4: Let's kill 00000 5x!

    $EMOJI first 1000 hodlers should be millionairs, binance listing, overtake pepe, shiba inu, floki on coinmarketcap

One hundred
Full comunity owned
Fueled by pure community power, we will skyrocket $EMOJI. $EMOJI is a memecoin in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. We are 100% transparency and our tokenomics section demonstrates our commitment to our trust to our community. $EMOJI cannot control by anyone.
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In $EMOJI we trust
We deserve power, money, freedom! We all have the rights to get rich. Our goals is to bring $EMOJI the respect of the crypto community and honor with the binance listing in the future.
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$EMOJI strategy
Money faceMoney faceMoney faceMoney faceMoney face
Flying dollar billsFlying dollar billsFlying dollar billsFlying dollar billsFlying dollar bills
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